Are the Celtics NBA Finals Bound?

I mentioned it in previous articles and on the Legends Lingo Podcast about the Celtics chances in the bubble, but I’m going to say this now and I want this on the record. The Celtics are going to make the NBA Finals.

I know that one of my co-hosts on Legends Lingo is very cautious about the Celtics and has been telling me to be a little “more realistic”, but here are the facts. The Celtics have had their 4 all-star caliber players play very well and they are starting to form a solid bench that is led by Marcus Smart. Also the landscape of the East and West has changed since the restart.

Road to the Finals:

The road will most likely be through The 76ers, Raptors, and Bucks. The Celtics should handle the 76ers easily because with Ben Simmons being out and Joel Embiid being banged up and looking disinterested at times. The Celtics should win this series in 5….. NO excuses!

We all saw last Friday against the Raptors, they put them on notice. The Raptors do not match up with Celtics’ wings of Tatum, Brown, and Hayward and it was absolutely evident this past Friday. It will be a tough series, but the Celtics should win this matchup if it happens.

As for the Bucks this will be toughest test for the Celtics. While, yes you have the better rounded team, but Milwaukee has quite arguably the best player on the planet. This will be an excellent series and will give the NBA great ratings. If these two teams reach the Eastern Conference Finals this will be a guaranteed 7 game series. In order to win this series and make a deep run, it rests on Jayson Tatum’s shoulders.

If the Celtics do make the finals, they will probably have a match up with either the Clippers or Lakers. Since the restart given how the Celtics played so far and the Lakers looking sluggish and how they played against the Clippers, I will take my chances on the Celtics raising Banner 18.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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