NC State Wolfpack’s Tommy White continues to stay white hot at the plate

If you haven’t been watching NCAA Baseball to get your baseball fix, you should. The first week of the new college baseball season has been electric. There has been one player that has been making some massive noise this week and that’s NC State’s Tommy White.

The freshman has had a massive first week to the season, crushing seven home runs while knocking in 21 RBIs.

White continued his onslaught against opposing pitching on Friday night in a 10-4 win over Quinnipiac.

The game was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the fourth when White broke it open with a grand slam. He would follow up his massive fourth inning blast with a two-run dinger in the fifth inning.

“This guy isn’t gonna buy a burger or pizza in three years at NC State,” said head coach Elliott Avent. “I think it goes back to how much he likes to play. He wants to win and he doesn’t really get caught up in the moment of what’s going on. And it’s not about him. He just wants to win. He’s that old-timey, old school, a guy who just likes to win and has fun with the game.”

Tommy White is becoming Tommy Tanks one swing at a time

Image courtesy of dingrsdogpiles Twitter

Tommy Tanks is taking over the collegiate baseball landscape one massive homer at a time. Two of those massive dingers have been grand slams.

“I was super excited, and the Wolfpack nation was really ready to go,” White said to The Technician on his grand slam. “It was really a really good experience on that at-bat. The whole at-bat was just perfect. That at-bat before, he struck me out with two curveballs, so I knew I’d be getting something soft. I was thinking curveball the whole time, and he ended up giving me a curveball.”

At some point, opposing pitchers might want to consider intentionally walking White. Until then, enjoy the majestic homers of the white hot Tommy Tanks.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Sarah Cochran / The Technician

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