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The first two days of the College Baseball and Softball season have been an electric factory

The first two days of the NCAA College Baseball season have been electric. Fans have been excited to see these collegiate athletes get on the baseball diamond especially with the MLB lockout not showing any signs of ending.

NC State kicked off this season with a bang thanks to freshman first baseman Tommy White.

On Opening Day against Evansville, White slugged three home runs. White ended the game going 5-for-6 with six RBIs. He was the first first NC State player to hit three home runs in a single game since 2010.

“When I hit the third one, I just had a good time,” White said. “I was having fun. I was laughing, having a good time. Their pitchers were good, but I was just seeing it really well today. Freak things happen, but hopefully it’s not too freak for me and happens more.” 

White followed up his Opening Day performance with a huge grand slam on Saturday. After working his way to a 3-1 count in the bottom of the sixth inning, White dropped a bomb on Evansville. The freshman slugger has four homers and 10 RBIs through the first two games of the season.

In addition to White and NC State’s performance there was other huge moments over the last two days.

Drew Gilbert is a grand slam machine

Last June, Tennesse Vols stud outfielder Drew Gilbert tore the cover off the ball by hitting a game-winning grand slam. The huge walk-off came on the opening game of the NCAA Tournament.

On Saturdays, Gilbert continued to swing a hot stick at the dish with the bases loaded. Gilbert crushed a bases clearing dinger in the bottom of the eight against Georgia Southern.

The Vols broke open the game with that blast, giving them a 10-3 win.

College baseball web gems in the outfield

Hawaii’s Scotty Scott’s huge diving catch to persevere a scoreless top of the first for his team Friday night. The sophomore outfielder out of Cypress, Texas was fired up that his diving catch highlight was tweeted by Barstool’s Jared Carrabis.

Speaking of big catches, Texas Tech’s Dillion Carter is currently wanted for grand larceny out for his massive catch. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Dillion tracked down and straight up robbed a home run from Auburn’s Cole Foster.

College Softball: Maeve Nelson walks it off for Northwestern

Even the ladies provided some late inning drama. During the matchup between UCLA and Northwestern, the Bruins had the lead in the bottom of the eight inning. That was until Northwestern’s Maeve Nelson dropped the hammer and crushed one too deep center field. Nelson’s walk off homer provided the drama baseball and softball fans need while the professionals are locked out.

The first two days of the season have been amazing and the year is shaping up to be electric.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Ethan Rimolt / Technician Online

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