My Thoughts on the Kyrie Irving & Isaiah Thomas Swap

There is no doubt that last nights trade between the Celtics and Cavaliers was a block buster, that much is obvious. This summer has been crazy for the NBA, but I would say after all the trades/signings we’ve seen this off-season, this might have been the most shocking.

Kyrie was going to get traded out of Cleveland eventually, but not in a million years did I think it would be to Boston. And not in a million years did I think Danny Ainge would ever trade Isaiah Thomas. He was without a doubt the most beloved player to dawn a Celtics uniform since Paul Pierce. IT poured his heart and soul into this city and left it all on the floor night in and night out. He truly bled green and was the definition of a Celtic. He’s been defying the odds his whole career, and he really stepped it up during his time in Boston. I wish him nothing but the best of luck in Cleveland and hope that hip gets back to 100%. Thank you, Isaiah Thomas. You’ll always be a Celtic in my eyes.

Now with that said, I don’t hate the trade at all. I actually like it for both teams. While it’s going to be really hard to see Isaiah play for Cleveland, you have to realize who is coming back in the deal. Kyrie Irving is arguably a top 3 point guard in the NBA and at 25 years old, he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. We haven’t seen him lead a franchise yet so we will have to see how he does in that aspect, but I think he can succeed here. No longer being under LeBron’s wing should unlock some play that we haven’t seen from him yet during his career.

With Kyrie Irving most likely in the picture long-term, the Celtics are also set up much better for the future. They don’t have to worry about giving IT a max deal at 28 years old, which many people have been feeling iffy about. It’s clear now that the Celtics also felt iffy about it. Kyrie fits their future plans much better than IT did. And even though it seems unlikely right now, the Celtics still can potentially make another big move, which Danny Ainge alluded to during his conference call following the trade last night.

Looking at this short term, the Cavs are the better team right now in my eyes. I still don’t think this move puts the Celtics over them. In fact, I almost feel like they have a better chance of beating us now than they did before this happened. We all know what IT can do, Jae Crowder will be a massive piece for them off the bench subbing in for LeBron, and if Ante Zizic turns out to be something good, there’s no doubt that they got deeper. Depth is something that killed them in the Finals last year. Seeing the last Brooklyn pick go will be tough, but it had to be done to get a player like Irving.

Overall, I like the trade and I’m very ready for the Kyrie Irving era in Boston. Here’s a little montage of his highlights to get everyone excited:

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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