The Issue With The Mighty Ducks

Hockey season is just around he corner but not too much is happeneing in the hockey world right now so I’m gonna raise the issue with the Mighty Ducks films. Let me say first that I love these films but they make absolutely no sense.

The first movie the Mighty Ducks is based off a lawyer getting a DUI then having to do community service for it so they make him coach hockey. As the story develops the team has a classic worst to first type development and they win the Minnesota Peewee hockey championship! Feel good story the lovable losers end up winning.

The second film shows Gordon Bombay selected to lead a team for the international junior hockey league showcase. Gordon picks up his old team the Mighty Ducks and adds some new members for the competition. The team struggles with fame and doesn’t play well at first and of course then they turn the tides and beat their rival Iceland.

This is where it gets me, alright so the Ducks were a crappy team in the first one and they struggled to win a championship. That storyline is fine you see that stuff all the time but now these kids are representing the USA? Are you serious? But wait there’s more

D3 The Might Ducks…the kids who just represented the USA received offers to play for a prep school. Okay seems legit so far so they have a new coach and they don’t like him because he makes them play like a team instead of playing a loose laid back style of hockey like they’re used to. So all these kids are on the JV team and they have a rivalry going with the Varsity team at the school.  Eventually the coach lets them play their game and they scrimmage the Varsity team and win.

Alright come on THESE KIDS JUST PLAYED FOR THE USA!! Now they’re on a damn JV team? That makes zero sense. These kids go from worst team to representing the USA then to being a JV team? That being said they do beat the Varsity team so I guess it kind of makes sense but not really.

Now after saying all that I’m all in for a Mighty Ducks Four give me Charlie Conway as a coach or something and throw in a couple other guys from the originals. I’d be all over that. Also, the Anaheim Ducks should rock those throwback jerseys at least once a year give me those purple jerseys.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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