My Breakout Players for the Buffalo Bills in 2021

Summer just began but the 2021 NFL season will be here before you know it. With that being said, I decided to do an article about players for the Buffalo Bills who will have a breakout season. Obviously quarterback Josh Allen took a huge step last year and it got me thinking, who will take the next step this upcoming season? In this article, I’m going to name a few potential 2021 Buffalo Bills breakout players to keep an eye on.

2021 Buffalo Bills Breakout Player #1: Devin Singletary

Buffalo Bills: Devin Singletary the New McCaffrey of Fantasy Football?

My first player is running back Devin Singletary. It’s safe to say that the Bills passing offense was what made Buffalo so good last year. Buffalo’s rushing offense had some moments but they really didn’t stand out that much. Their running backs for this season are Singletary, Matt Breida who signed with Buffalo during free agency and Zack Moss who will be in his second season. Singletary had 156 carries for 687 yards and scored two touchdowns. I do have a feeling Singletary will take the next step this season. He’s an illusive running back and he has gotten bigger during the offseason. I think him and Moss could be a great duo for Buffalo and I was one of the people who didn’t mind seeing him getting dealt or released. I hope he has a great season because he does have potential.

2021 Buffalo Bills Breakout Player #2: A.J. Epenesa

Bills DE A.J. Epenesa finishes rookie season with strong second half | News 4 Buffalo

The next player is A.J. Epenesa, one of the younger defensive line players on the roster. He was a rookie last season and finished with one sack and 11 tackles. I do think he will be a key player for the Bills defense going forward but he will need to compete with the other players on the roster because they all have potential. However, this will be his second season and I think he’s going to be a good defensive end in this league. Buffalo has done a good job when it comes to restocking the defensive line and I think A.J. will help out the Bills be a Super Bowl contender.

Ed Oliver

Possible ramifications for Ed Oliver include three-game suspension

Sticking with the defensive line, I think Ed Oliver will have a good season. Oliver was drafted in 2019 and was pretty good for the Bills last year. Buffalo’s defensive tackle recorded three sacks and 23 tackles. I’m going to make a bold prediction and say he will finish with double digit sacks. I do think he will be a dominant player in this league, he’s shown signs of being good and I think he will take a huge leap this season. I don’t think it will be like Allen’s jump but I have a good feeling he will be a better player this season and going forward.

Dawson Knox

BBR: Dawson Knox, Cody Ford, the young Bills, and a lesson in patience - Buffalo Rumblings

The last player who I think will take the next step this season is tight end Dawson Knox. Buffalo did bring in Jacob Hollister during free agency but I think this is the year Knox shows us that he is the tight end of the future for the Bills. He has shown some signs of being good but last season wasn’t his best but let’s be honest, 2020 was a tough year for everyone. He had some problems with Covid, he dropped some passes but I think it was a tough season for him. In a talented passing offense, Knox had 24 catches for 288 yards and caught three touchdowns. I’m rooting for him and I believe this is the year he breaks out.

Final Thoughts

I know there are more candidates to take the next step this season but these are my players who I think will take the biggest jump. If you were to ask me who I think will take the biggest leap, I think it will be Singletary. He has the speed and he has the size to be a good running back but like I said, I expect all of these players to take the next step.

All stats are credited to Pro Football Reference.

(Featured image credited to the Buffalo News)

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