New England Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones ‘Madden 22’ Avatar Looks Nothing Like Him

Every year, NFL fans anxiously await the release of the new Madden video game. This years video game promises to deliver a new feel for the game. “This is Madden like you’ve never seen it … It’s a whole new vibe with all-new dynamic gameday,” stated EA Sports. Well, Madden 22 is out and Mac Jones…doesn’t look great.

The video game will feature two of the best quarterbacks on the cover in the league in six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes. 

Brady made his first appearance on the cover of Madden back in 2017 for Madden 18. Mahomes was on the cover in 2019 for Madden 19. 

Patriots fans will be excited to get a copy of the game and play as the future to the quarterback position in Mac Jones. There’s one problem, EA Sports has screwed up and Jones avatar looks nothing like him. 

Jones’ Avatar Has an Andrew Luck Neck Beard

Courtesy of FTW

The first thing I thought of when I saw the Jones avatar tweet from this year’s Madden was he looks like Andrew Luck. The Jones character is sporting the vintage Luck neck beard.

If Jones plays anything like Luck during his NFL career, Bill Belichick would have done it again. He would have landed himself a second legitimate franchise quarterback. However, right now, the only thing Jones and Luck have in common is the grow neck beard.

What I struggle with from this rendition of Jones is that he has zero facial hair. The fact that EA Sports does not have the No.15 overall pick’s correct looks in the video game is ludicrous. 

EA Sports specifically stated that, “Madden like you’ve never seen it before.” Apparently they’ve never seen Jones before because they couldn’t be any further off with the face, hair color and facial hair.

Someone at EA Sports needs to be fired, it is just a lazy look to have the future starting quarterback of the Patriots looking like he’s 30 and overweight.

Final Take

I am not going to be draft day Mac Jones walking down the main aisle of Target to pick up a copy of this game. Too be honest, I have a copy of Madden 21 from last year for Playstation 4 unopened I received for Christmas. I’m sure I could create a better version of Jones on my own with last year’s copy, but I digress.

All we can ask as Patriots fans is that by the time this game actually hits the market, please let Jones look like Jones. We need our dad-bod quarterback on the field for when we do a franchise mode.

Also, fix his damn ranking too, the two-time National champion is getting lowballed with a 61 overall ranking. It’s time to get it together EA Sports, fix the best franchise in the NFL’s future starting quarterback.

If you’re unsure as to where to start for his look, please see the picture below. That is our quarterback.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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