My 2021 MLB New Years Resolutions

So I was going to write this article last week but the Padres had themselves a crazy 24 hours. Read what I thought about it here. I want to better myself in 2021 like everyone else. I will discuss my 2 MLB New Years Resolutions. If you have any different one let me know.


I do not think I watched a full baseball game besides the World Series in 2020. It was a cause of a few things. But writing articles about baseball I should be watching more. I used to watch a lot of baseball and loved every second of it. Some times in college I would have a baseball game up on my laptop during class.

I have MLB Network on my TV. So I can see a live game pretty much every night of the week. Also, I have always wanted to subscribe to MLB.tv and get all the games. 2021 is the year where I do. I want to be able to check into any game I want to. If I get MLB.tv I will be able to catch all the games. That will help my second resolution.

Dan Plesac on Twitter: "Ah yes ! Baseball is back... Watching #Mets /#Phillies on TV and #Tigers /#Yankees on my computer. 6pm MLB2NIGHT. https://t.co/y7fWBSY2FE"


My goal is to continue writing once a week until Opening Day. Once Opening Day gets here I will go to twice a week. I want to be able to do recaps of different games and go more in-depth about what happens. I felt it was tough talking about big moments when I was trying to recap every game.

I will give recaps of the game in between when I write but I will also be able discuss the major events. There were some stories I did not give enough love to last season. I will be able to do that if I write twice a week. Also, if there is some breaking news during the season like a no-hitter I will try to get a article up that night.

Create Great Blog Posts with Solid Structure


Those are 2 very plain New Years Resolutions, but they are something I feel I need to do. I miss watching baseball like I used to. I also want my articles to be better. The only way I can do that is write more and watch more. I want the people who read this articles to keep up accountable for writing twice a week. As always give a listen to my podcast Legends Lingo.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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