Breaking News: Cleveland Browns COVID Chaos Continues

Breaking News:

With less than a week into 2021, we continue to hear about COVID-19 related issues in the NFL. Unfortunately, this weeks’ breaking news are coming out of Cleveland, OH.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

Shortly after the breaking news, The Cleveland Browns have put out a statement in which they announce that Special Teams coordinator, Mike Priefer will serve as acting head coach in Stefanski’s absence. Here is that statement:

The Browns have struggled as of late with this COVID outbreak at their facility, which have triggered many fans around the NFL to wonder how serious the NFL is in dealing with the pandemic. As of January 3rd, the Browns were dealing with players experiencing COVID symptoms. The game against the Steelers of course went on, but many are questioning the NFL’s handling of the matter.

Are There Any Good News?

Thankfully 2021 isn’t off to a terrible start for this Browns organization.

While players and coaching staff are dealing with COVID and we wish them ALL a speedy and safe recovery, the Cleveland Browns are playoff bound!

The Browns delivered a performance like no other against a Steelers team that came without their QB, Ben Roethlisberger.

Browns managed to clinch their first trip to the playoffs since 2002! While that victory against the Steelers wasn’t easy, Cleveland managed to pull away in the second half and locked a 24-22 victory. Coach Stefanski shared his pride on his team and guys stepping up regardless of the circumstances.

Stefanski should be proud of a team that many sort of disregarded but yet delivered one of their best seasons since 1999 by going 11-5. While the work isn’t over for the Browns, the Dawg Pound has a lot going on their favor and should be excited to kick things off in 2021 with a playoff run.

In Conclusion

While the uncertainty of the extend of the outbreak in Cleveland still takes precedent, there are somewhat good things to look towards if you are a Cleveland Browns far or supporter.

The continuing concern for the Browns has got to be the extend of the impact this outbreak will have going into the playoffs. Cleveland can’t afford to lose more important pieces to their offensive or defensive game as they will need everything they have. Personally, even though I am a Pats fan you all know I love underdog stories and this could be one because I’d love to see them reach the Super Bowl!

Anyways, truly wishing this nightmare ends for Cleveland Browns and the best of luck to them in the playoffs!

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