Most OP Sports Video Game Characters

In every sports game, there is always at least one player who you can’t seem to stop or you never miss with. They are great when they are on your team, but when you have to face them, it’s game over before it even starts. Today, we are going to take a look back at some of the most over-powered characters in sports video games.

Pablo Sanchez – Backyard Sports

To start us off, we have the secret weapon himself, Pablo Sanchez. Pablo is by far the best player (non-pro) in all of the Backyard Sports games. The kid can pitch, hit, run, throw touchdowns, catch the football, and dunk from beyond the three-point line. He is ALWAYS the first pick for your team. When you need that clutch home run, you want Pablo up. When you need to convert on third-down, you throw it to Pablo. The kid is good at everything so you need to make sure he is on your team.

Michael Vick – Madden 04

Next on the list might be the best player ever in any Madden game. Michael Vick in Madden 04 is a literal cheat code. He is what got me hooked on running quarterbacks in Madden and NCAA football games, and I still terrorize my friends with them every time we play. This dude is impossible to tackle. He was only rated as a 90 overall, but had 95 speed, 97 throw accuracy, and 98 throw power. The guy was impossible to stop. It is like picking the Warriors in 2k, but all encompassed in one player. The Falcons were off limits in Madden 04 because Michael Vick was too good.

Bo Jackson – Tecmo Bowl

Now this is a game I have never played before. I have heard people talk about it and I have watched clips, but never have played myself. From hearing what others have to say, Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo), might be the most over-powered character in any sports game. It is impossible to tackle the guy. He can literally run from end zone to end zone and not be tackled. Give the ball to Bo and watch him run.

Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

The final one on our list is another one I have never played. From what I have read, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is one of the highest rated sports games of all-time. Little Mac has to make his way through the challenge ladder, and the final opponent is Mike Tyson himself . Tyson’s uppercuts knock Mac out in one hit so I guess the best strategy is to run. You just have to wait it out, avoid Tyson, and make your move when he has his eyes closed. This level takes tremendous timing, and has led to a lot of rage quits.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, video games all have their quirks and bugs that you can use to your advantage. For example, there is a way to guarantee a goal in NHL 94, and the other team can do nothing to stop it once you shoot it. Some characters themselves act like these bugs. When you use them, it makes the game incredibly fun, but if you have to go against, it could lead to a rage quit pretty quick. Vick and Pablo Sanchez bring back a lot of memories for me and maybe one day I’ll find our old NES and take a stab at Tecmo Bowl and Punch Out.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)


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