Is Bryson DeChambeau Good or Is It An Illusion?

Yesterday, Bryson DeChambeau had one of the best golfers meltdowns I have seen in recent memory.  I was fortunate enough to catch this live but let’s break down DeChambeau’s terrible 10 on the par-five 15th at the Memorial.

So DeChambeau hit one of his monster drives (which I’ll touch upon later) into the woods.  So he does what every golfer goes, takes out his next big club (I prefer a 6) but from the looks of it he takes out a hybrid which is fine too. As you can tell, he clearly gets all of that and hits it straight out of bounds.  Now as a golfer, I feel his pain. But for a causal golfer we are lucky enough to go venture into the woods and find our ball but for pros this has got to suck.

So anyway, next shot. Let’s forget about that last one, switch clubs, and just get it onto the fairway so we can maybe save bogey. Nope, not for muscle man DeChambeau.  He then literally hits the same exact shot and guess what? That second shot also goes out of bounds!  So now he’s pissed, but what the second shot looks kind of playable.

Then we get such a frat guy quote from DeChambeau. We have him and the ref having an absolute stare down and he asks “can I just hop the fence?” Which rightfully so, the ref tells him no and then Bryson has a full on meltdown. He continues to argue with the ref that he can hit the ball.  Well yea, no shit you can hit the ball but it’s out of bounds. So after a minute of fighting he gives us, takes a drop, and finishes with a 10 on that hole.


We have Bryson’s caddie who is well deserving of caddie of the year after this performance of blocking the camera man so we don’t see Bryson having a full fucking meltdown. I get it Bryson, golf’s the most frustrating game in the world and I have been there with some terrible holes. But stop being a baby about everything.

So this brings me to my next point, is DeChambeau good or is it just an illusion? Currently DeChambeau is ranked 7 in the world, so yes he is good. But let’s not allow his monster drives to distract us that if he can’t hit his driver then he can’t win. Simple as that. The Memorial is a tight course with some pretty heavy rough and he wasn’t able to hit his driver because the course is too tight.  And when he did it landed him in some tough spots that were hard to get out of. I think DeChambeau is good, but the illusion he creates is second to no one.

John (Uncle_Mac4)

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