So Much Excitement In The Premier League!!!

There is so much excitement adding to the last two weeks of the English Premier League.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so happy to bring another edition of #SoccerSaturdays to you.

Premier League Update:

We are on week 36 of the premier league and it is as hot as it could possibly be. There is not even a virus that can stop the amount of excitement happening. So let’s begin shall we?:

For starters, Liverpool has clinched the Premier League Title in a very dominating manner! Jurgen Klopp out did himself this year and what a fantastic run. Liverpool FC will go on next week to play their final home game for the year and lift the cup at home.

What about the rest of the league?

This is exactly where the excitement continues! Last week, Manchester City successfully managed to get a ruling concerning Financial Fair Pay (FFP), overturned.

While many have seen this as a terrible move, Manchester City fans erupted in excitement as the ruling would’ve cost them to be banned for 2 years from participating in the European Champions League. Manchester City currently holds the 2nd spot in the Premier League which immediately qualifies them onto the UEFA Champions League and adds to the frustration of many in the Premier League who are fighting to advance to the famous tournament. Here is what the table looks like and why I am so excited:

With two weeks left to go, and some serious clashes bound to happen there is so much on the line. This is exactly what every futbol (soccer) fan looks for towards the end of the year! Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester United are in a very close battle for the 3-4 spot which secures them a ticket to go onto the UEFA Champions League next year. While Chelsea has fought hard this year and same goes for Leicester City; Personally, Manchester United has put out an outstanding effort before the virus struck the continent and has continued its valiant effort.

Bruno Fernandes joined Manchester United and has transformed the team into the ultimate warriors basically. So with these two weeks left to go, Manchester needs for Chelsea will need to tie and Leicester City will need to lose next week. Forcing Manchester United to win in order to secure that 4th or maybe even the 3rd spot.

So, you can rest assure that this will be me these next two weeks glued to the TV, LOL!

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So What Else Is Happening?

As the Premier league nears the end of the 2019/2020 season, the relegation league is also wrapping up and it is HOT HOT HOT!!!

After 16 years of efforts to get back into the Premier League, Leeds United has clinched its return and will be part of the upcoming 2020/2021 season.

I am beyond thrilled to see this happening as I have incredible respect for Marcelo Bielsa as a coach and he is a highly respected figure in the game.

In Conclusion

So as I stated at the beginning of this article, there is so much to be excited for in these last two weeks of the premier league.  There is so much at stake and so much greatness to be achieved. Oh, and lets not forget, so much to look forward to for the 2020/2021 season! #SoccerSaturdays

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter)

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