Mookie Betts & Andrew Benintendi Both Make Insane Catches Tonight Because The Red Sox Have The Best Outfield In Baseball (VIDEOS)

First we had Mookie Betts in the second inning running from Japan to make a sliding catch in foul territory.


And then we had Andrew Benintendi risking his LIFE for a rope driven into center by Mike Napoli.


I’m being serious. Is there ANYTHING that this outfield can’t do? Is it even possible to dispute that they are by far the best outfield in baseball? And yeah, I don’t know much about outfields prior to the 21st century defensive wise, but I can’t imagine there were many other outfield squads who were nearly as defensively elite as this team is.

And the best part is, neither of these videos are of Jackie Bradley who is undoubtedly one of if not the best center fielders in baseball defensively. In his own right he is unbelievable out there. He’s been so good with the glove over his career that when he lays out and stretches for an insane catch we don’t even bat an eye anymore. Yeah, duh. Of course he makes that catch.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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