If You Need Some Good Reading, Here’s Devin Mccourty’s Player’s Tribune Article

We’re all pretty much stuck inside. So, why not get some reading done? Might I suggest Patriots safety Devin McCourty’s article in the Players Tribune?

I read through this entire article this morning. After reading it in detail, here’s what I think.

Devin McCourty LOVES New England

I mean, how can you not? Devin McCourty has truly been spoiled as a Patriot. 10 seasons in the league resulted in four Super Bowl Appearances and three titles. It’s hard to not love winning. New England as a region prides itself on their sports teams. When the Patriots win, we’re all happy. McCourty truly understand that and we appreciate him for doing so.

Thank GOD For Jason McCourty

Jason McCourty getting his option picked up kept Devin in New England. Devin mentioned in his article he wants to play with his brother again. That helped with Devin’s decision. The part about their kids playing in the stadium together living down the street from each other? Tell me that didn’t hit you in the feels. These two are as close as I’ve seen a pair of brothers in professional sports ever be as far as love is concerned. J-Mac and D-Mac live on!

According to Devin, The Dynasty May Not Be Over

He said it in the article, he likes a challenge. Honestly, he’s right when he mentions how people are saying “the dynasty is over”. McCourty knows there’s a lot of talent still on that Patriots roster. This group will be hungry to prove the haters wrong, per usual. Plus, remember the other day what D-Mac said about Jarrett Stidham? He sees something in the second year quarterback. That’s enough for me to be sold on moving on with the next chapter of the New England Patriots.

In Conclusion

This article is extremely well written. Devin McCourty makes a lot of valid points in it. The Patriots will continue to work as hard as any other team in the NFL. Will it be different? Yes. Will it be unusual? Yes. But, will the Patriots just lay down and tank? No. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to access it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Devin McCourty’s Player’s Tribune Article

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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