Miss Football Already? The AAF Has You Covered

If you’re a football junkie like me, the Super Bowl is a bitter-sweet time of year. It’s great in that it is the pinnacle of the football calendar. The two best teams from the best league squaring off. However, it is the end of football until August. Well, unless you’re crazy like me and watch the college football spring games, just to get your fix in. Well this spring that all changes.

What is the AAF?

From February through April, the Alliance of American Football will offer a legitimate football league for us to get behind. The league is made up of eight teams, whose rosters are filled with players who didn’t quite make it in the NFL for one reason for another. I know, doesn’t sound terrific, I mean who wants to watch a bunch of guys who got cut from NFL rosters? Well last night the league had their inaugural game and the competition is solid. Some of the guys who make up these rosters of “scrubs” were damn good college players. College fans will recognize names like Aaron Murray, Dennard Robinson, and Trent Richardson.

The league’s rule are very similar to those of the NFL, but the experience is much more fan friendly. For example, fans watching on TV will not see any “TV timeouts” and far fewer full screen commercials.

There are some keys differences in the rules though. A ninth official is what I like to think of as the “Saints ref”. This official can call or take away penalties missed by the on field refs by briefly reviewing each play. Based on what I saw last night, it didn’t slow the game down at all. Another interesting change of game rules is that there are no extra-points. Teams must go for two after scoring a touchdown.

The AAF also did a lot in terms of player safety. Kickoffs are no longer in the league, instead the ball is placed at the 25-yard line, as if it had been a touchback in the NFL. A major safety safeguard put in is that outside organizations handle all head-safety issues.

The on-field product is pretty solid. The game I watched last night had good flow, and most importantly players were allowed to play. Oh yeah, this hit didn’t result in a penalty.

Hell yeah buddy, hitting is back. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a quarterback get lit-up like that without a flag. Kind of makes you want to un-zip your pants a little bit.

Want to get on-board with this league? Here’s your fandom starter kit.

I mean after that hit, and in a football dead period, who wouldn’t? Here’s what you need to know.

There are 8-teams, so you have to pick one first. The teams are;

1- Arizona Hotshots

2- Atlanta Legends

3- Birmingham Iron

4- Memphis Express

5- Orlando Apollos

6- Salt Lake Stallions

7- San Antonio Commanders

8- San Diego Fleet

Ok, so those are the teams. Make sure you look through the rosters and more importantly the coaches before jumping on board with a team. I almost made that mistake last night. I thought I was going to be a big Commanders guy until I saw below average Mike Riley. No not Mike “Sarge Sucks” Riley of 98.5The Sports Hub, this Riley was previously coach of Oregon State and Nebraska, as head coach. So take a close look through rosters and coaches.

Sit back and enjoy Football fans, we have a few more months of the game we love.

-Dillon Leary

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