Rationalization For Trading Jayson Tatum For Anthony Davis Relates to the Red Sox Chris Sale Deal

Okay, first of all, I’m not going to act like I’ve had to talk myself into the Celtics dealing for Anthony Davis if it involves Jayson Tatum. If you listen back to any Couch Guy Sports Podcast where this conversation has popped up, I am ready to deal my left leg if it means Anthony Davis being brought to the Celtics.

And after last night’s performance from the C’s? Literally, deal anybody and everybody for AD because this team is winning absolutely nothing. I missed the end of the game because late night McDonald’s 20 piece nuggets came calling but when I saw the clip of fans booing the Celtics off of the court, I wasn’t shocked and how could you be?

Marcus Morris laid out the Celtics’ issues post-game, best.

What happened to the team that used to have that late-game grit? I remember watching this team the last three seasons, going back to Avery Bradley, Jae “I TWEET IN ALL CAPS” Crowder and those guys and if the Celtics were down in the fourth, I knew they had a chance to come back and were probably going to.

And now look at this team? You were running both the Clippers and Lakers out of the Garden early. You were literally the only team left that Boston needed to pull off the ever so loved Los Angeles sweep. We were prepared to re-name Los Angeles to Los Boston. But you crapped down your leg in both games.

Jayson Tatum said after the Lakers game that the buzzer beater made him “sick”.

It’s just frustrating to watch this as a fan who really thought this team could go toe to toe with the Warriors in the NBA Finals. There’s no chemistry and it’s becoming more and more palpable as the season rolls on.

So back to my original point. Like I said, I have always been on the side that says trading Jayson Tatum for Anthony Davis is the move that should be made if that offer is on the table from the Pelicans.

Quite frankly I’ve never understood the people who wouldn’t pull the trigger on this deal. Jayson Tatum does and has shown that he has the potential to be an absolute superstar in this league and there’s no doubt about that in my mind. His rookie season was preeminent and I still think he should have won ROY over second-year rookie Ben Simmons.

Tatum has fallen off slightly this season but let’s be honest, a lot of the team has. Other than a few guys like Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris and Big Al Horford, I’m not happy with how this team’s returned this season really at all and it’s been like this since the jump.

They’ve had their bright spots here and there but realistically, and this goes without saying, they’ve underperformed immensely.

But if there is anybody that is seen in this league who is worth trading Anthony Davis for in the eyes of the Pelicans, it has to be Jayson Tatum. He is an up and coming stud who has the potential to be a top-five to top-ten player one day. But you know who else had that potential? And I know it’s from a different sport, but Yoan Moncada.

Look, as tough as it is, sometimes if the right deal arrives on your doorstep and that deal brings you a mile closer to winning a championship, you need to make it happen and that’s what the Boston Red Sox did.

Again, I understand that baseball and basketball are totally different in regards to how much one guy can sway an entire team. But one great pitcher can really alter an entire starting staff’s mojo and that’s what happened in Boston.

At the time of the deal, Yoan Moncada himself was seen as one of baseball’s next bright young stars. He was going to shine in major league baseball and become an instant firecracker the second he stepped into the batter’s box for the first time. And I remember the night that he made his MLB debut. You would have thought that Jesus Christ came down from the heavens, tapped Mookie Betts on the shoulder and said, “Hey kid, it’s my turn to bat”.

Twitter was absolute mayhem that night. Tweet after tweet was just, “IT’S HAPPENING”. Yoan Moncada was the Red Sox gem and nobody else’s.

That is… until the Chicago White Sox shot their shot with the Red Sox with a man named Chris Sale.

The day of the Chris Sale deal, it almost seemed imminent that he was going to the Washington Nationals. I might be a little bias too because at the time, and still today, I was probably Chris Sale’s biggest fan. I wanted nothing more than for this guy to end up with the Red Sox so when I saw the rumors that traction was developing between Washington and Chicago for Sale, I was bummed.

But then, I got the faithful tweet while I was at work. The Red Sox traded top prospect Yoan Moncada AND Michael Kopech to Chicago for Chris Sale.

And let me say, trading Michael Kopech was also something that NOBODY wanted to do. That kid in my eyes was and probably is more valuable than Moncada. I still believe despite his recent injury that he will be a stud himself in the majors. But the Red Sox did it. They traded two of their best up and coming talents away for a guy that was already established and seen as one of the best in the business.

And that’s what the Celtics have to do here. They need to make the deal this summer and trade away one of the best assets in basketball to sure themselves up as the most dangerous team in the east under the assumption that Kyrie Irving re-signs long term in Boston. Making Jayson Tatum the centerpiece of a deal that brings Anthony Davis to Causeway Street is something that makes too much sense.

Do we want to make that deal? Absolutely not. Why would we? Something that sports fans love seeing and having on their team is some homegrown talent. One of the most special things about this current Golden State Warriors dynasty is that they handpicked the core of their team from the draft. So having Jayson Tatum in green after Danny Ainge made two of the most diabolical trades to get him between the Brooklyn deal and then fleecing the Sixers, makes this potential Davis package even tougher to swallow.

But at this point, we know that Anthony Davis is a top-five talent in the NBA. He provides everything that will make the Celtics instant championship contenders and maybe even favorites. He’s solid on the perimeter, a big body that can FINALLY give the C’s someone to actually get rebounds and plays strong defense.

Tatum, while he probably will develop into something great, is still a question mark in regards to what he’ll turn into.

We like winning championships here in Boston, right? Well, the Red Sox made the move to bring one of the best pitchers in baseball in to help them win their respective championship. The Celtics should do the same in dealing away Tatum in the name of another banner in 2019. It’ll sting to see him playing for another organization and one day dominate just like it stung to see Kopech and Moncada leave the Red Sox organization. But Anthony Davis is a generational talent and if you get the chance at acquiring him, you need to do what’s necessary. Trader Danny will make some noise in July 2019.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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