Anthony Davis Booed by Pelicans Fans After Return From Injury

Ice cold, but deserved.

After refusing to move Anthony Davis before Thursday’s trade deadline, the New Orleans Pelicans made the executive decision to allow AD back into the team’s lineup on Friday night. Understandably, Pelicans fans didn’t agree with the move, as everyone knows Davis doesn’t want to play for NOLA anymore. In a winning effort, Davis put up 32 points and sat out the entire fourth quarter while boos rained down upon him.

Requesting a trade mid-season is always a stupid move, and this situation in New Orleans continues to prove just that. The Pelicans may have won last night, but Davis’ trade request is going to hang over this roster until he’s dealt over the Summer. Their playoff hopes were small to begin with, so I’d be shocked to see this team kick it into gear and sneak into the playoffs now. With 26 games left on the schedule, 15 of them being home, this is just going to be too much of a distraction for them to do anything, no matter how much/well AD plays to finish the year out. Everyone in New Orleans is going to check out very soon.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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