Mike Tomlin Needs to Go

The Steelers are in a position they probably never expected to be in: they are relying on a Browns’ win in order to make the playoffs. The Steelers no longer control their own fate. If the Ravens win next Sunday, the Steelers are out, no matter what they do in their game. But the Steelers should have never gotten to this position.

They started the season off slow, going 1-2-1. They then got hot and won 6 straight, getting to 7-2-1. After that, they lost 3 in a row (two to bad teams and one after having a huge lead at halftime). Now, after beating the Patriots and losing to the Saints, their season is in jeopardy.

This team is too talented to not be a playoff team. And that falls squarely on the shoulders of Mike Tomlin. The Steelers have been outcoached in multiple games this year. Tomlin is known for having a big personality and taking risks. Whenever something he does backfires, people just say that that you take the good with the bad with Tomlin. However, the bad has been horrible lately and it’s most likely going to cost the Steelers a playoff spot.

Against the Raiders, Tomlin continued to roll with Josh Dobbs while Big Ben sat on the sidelines. When asked why after the game, he said he didn’t want to ruin the rhythm of the offense. The drives before Big Ben went down, they had a missed field goal and a touchdown. The drives that Dobbs was in for ended with punts, downs, pick, punt. When Big Ben came back in, they went touchdown, missed field goal. So if he really thought the offense was in some sort of rhythm, he was watching a different game. Big Ben needed to go in sooner. And then the excuse was that the x-ray machine was faulty. Yet he sent Ben in anyways.

This week wasn’t any better. On fourth and five, Tomlin went for a fake punt while up four against the Saints. The Saints hadn’t been moving the ball well. Pinning them deep was the better call. And yet, Tomlin took the risk. Had he pinned them deep, they could’ve won that game.

There are countless decisions that Tomlin as made that are just horrible. He’s outcoached in nearly every loss. What’s even worse, he rarely has control of his locker room. There’s always some sort of drama coming out of Pittsburgh. The Steelers need to make a change. Otherwise, they’ll waste what’s left of Big Ben and Antonio Brown’s prime.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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