2018 Boston Sports Festivus Grievance

Festivus grievance is a sneaky top 10 holiday. The anti Christmas holiday where we air our grievances and complain. Gotta love it. Seriously, who doesn’t love a holiday where you bitch and moan and then have to try to fight someone? Sounds like a great Boston tradition.

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

Where do we start? How about the lack of a Boston Bruins defense? Speaking of defenses, how about a New England Patriots defense. Or the fact that some members of the Boston Celtics want a certain NBA veteran to join a team that already has enough ball hogs. Perhaps New England wants a relevant soccer team again instead of a Revolution team that has players that very little people have heard of? But what about a Boston Red Sox bullpen? Even though they won the World Series in October we yet to have a strong bullpen.

Whatever your grievance(s) may be, surely they’re well warranted. But let’s dig a little deeper shall we?

Boston Bruins

The 2011 Stanley Cup Champions nearly backed up the title with another in 2013. But since then, it’s been downhill with so much promise. Arguably one of the best lines in hockey featuring Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and David Pastrnak have scored, and a lot. But the other lines? Not so much.

The lack of depth of this Bruins team has been frustrating. Especially on the blue line. Charlie McAvoy (BU alum) was a nice pickup for this team but he can’t do it alone. Zdeno Chara is still a good defenseman but not on the top D pairing. We thought that Brandon Carlo would potentially be that guy when he first came in to the league. However; he’s struggled mightily since. Adam McQuaid was a nice piece — until he was traded.

And let’s not forget about the goalie situation. Tuukka Rask has been a shell of himself. He was one of the league’s top goaltenders and even won the Vezina Trophy in 2014. But this year, he mysteriously had to take a leave of absence from the team for a few days to fix “family issues”. Whatever that means.

Let’s face it, this team needs depth and they need it fast. Merry festivus Bruins fans, this team isn’t winning a cup soon.

New England Patriots

One of the most dominant franchises in history. Five Super Bowl’s in 18 seasons, and it may be coming to an end. We all remember the debate of whether or not Malcolm Butler should’ve played in Super Bowl LII. Did it cost us title number six? We’ll never truly know. But since that Super Bowl the Patriots have won their 10th division title in a row and 16 out of the last 18.

The same issues that plagued the Patriots in Super Bowl LII are haunting them again. The severe lack of defense has cost the Patriots some key games. Yet, it has kept them in a couple as well. They say defense wins championships but it looks like the Patriots are trying to debunk that legend. I mean, when you make average quarterbacks look elite that should tell you something.

And how about that offense huh? One week they can put up 40 and the next they can only muster 10. A very Jekyll and Hyde type of offense that has seen some rather questionable personnel decisions. Letting go of Amendola and trading for Josh Gordon? Rob Gronkowski doesn’t look the same and neither does Tom Brady. Yet with all of the inconstancy of both sides of the ball, they still could get home field throughout the playoffs. How about that?

This team needs a change because Bill and Tom look like they’re slowly going down. Merry festivus Patriots fans, this isn’t a Super Bowl team, yet they might make it there because of how awful the NFL is.

Boston Celtics

Banner 18! It’s coming baby, banner 18! Year in and year out, green teamers say this. Honestly, they’re sounding more and more like Cowboys fans by the minute. Green teamers are the biggest dreamers. They truly believe that this team is going places. And let’s not get this mixed up, this Celtics team is probably the most talented one out there. But, they can’t play together as a team. They’re six games above .500 and are the five seed in the east.

This team is talented. Kyrie Irving, Gordan Hayward, Al Horford, the list goes on. However; they still can’t manage to play with one another. It feels like the younger guys are trying to compete with the older guys and forget that defense is kind of a big deal. I mean, watching Hayward defensively gives me acid reflux half the time.

Even though the NBA’s Eastern Conference is extremely weak every year, the Celtics will still be one of the favorites. And the players know it. The certainly talk like it. If you’ve ever heard any of them talk it feels like they’ve already won five titles, they’re that confident. (Even though they lost game 7 at home last year to Cleveland).

This group of players are too cocky seeing how they haven’t won a thing yet. Merry festivus green teamers, you aren’t winning the NBA title this year. Heck, you may not even win the east.

New England Revolution

For those of who don’t know it, New England has a “professional” soccer team in the New England Revolution. You wouldn’t know they’re professional because they have an ownership group who doesn’t care. That same ownership group who owns the Patriots may not care that much about them either so don’t feel bad.

When the Revs have gone out and spent money, they’ve been competitive. Just a few short years ago they were in the MLS Cup Final when they had US national team defender/midfielder Jermaine Jones and an MVP candidate in Lee Nguyen. But the Revs didn’t want to pay them too much and now they’re both gone and they have to rely on Diego Fagundez — again.

Last year the Revs finished 8th out of 11 teams in the MLS Eastern Conference and had a goal differential of -6. Even more impressive was the fact they finished 30 points behind the first place NY Red Bulls. Merry festivus Revs fans, your team is one of the jokes of MLS.

Boston Red Sox

How can you complain about the World Series champions? You really can’t. But just like last year, they need a bullpen. You can’t keep relying on Eovaldi and Porcello in the late innings like you did last year. And now, they might not have a real closer. If Kimbrel does leave, who closes out the game? Brasier? Barnes? I just hope they don’t go to closer by committee.

Merry festivus Red Sox fans, you’ve won three division titles in a row and a World Series. Perhaps more is in store?

– Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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