Worried About Mike McCarthy? Don’t Be Because He’s Now Spending His Time Berating High School Basketball Referees

After being fired from the Packers midway through last year, Mike McCarthy still doesn’t have another head coaching gig lined up which I find wild. McCarthy has a moderately successful resume, lasting 13 seasons as head coach of the Packers and winning a Super Bowl in 2011. You would think someone would want that guy leading their football team, right? Well, no one’s grabbed him but don’t worry, because he’s filling his time berating high school basketball referees instead.

And you can’t tell much of what happened here in this small video. If that video didn’t work, by the way, just watch it here.

From what I’m reading, his stepson’s team lost the game by a point. Look, if you’re a parent, I don’t care who the hell you are. Kanye, Michael Jordan, LeBron, it doesn’t matter to me. Just sit your ass on the sidelines and keep quiet. Don’t coach the kid on the court and don’t act like a certified psycho, because want to know something? That actually embarrasses the kid to have you acting like a maniac in the stands.

If this were a football game, I might give Mikey McCarthy some slack here because that’s his sport and that’s what he knows. I’m assuming he knows the game a little better than some high school refs do. But this? Come on, man, just chill out and enjoy your kid’s high school basketball game that you’re going to forget about in a year anyway.

Somebody hire this guy. He clearly has some pent up aggression going on here that needs to be addressed and I’m guessing he can take that out on the football field by yelling at some professional athletes.

A formal complaint has been filed against McCarthy like the news video above says. What a world. One day, you’re coaching one of the most storied American sports franchises and today, you’re screaming at high school basketball referees.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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