The Challenge War Of The Worlds Ep 4: CT is About To Be Exposed

Last week the show ended up with the legend Johnny Bananas getting eliminated by his friend Zach. Now that one of the biggest players in The Challenge history is out, who’ll step up and take over the game?


Gant steel structure suspended 100 ft from the ground. That is all I have to say, folks, because this challenge looks SCARY.

Ninja Natalie and Paulie came out of the gates FLYING. It was obvious that Natalie would have no problem getting the job done in this challenge. They 100% set the bar since they were randomly selected to go first. Also out of nowhere Zach and Zahida got the job done as well! This duo is sending shock waves across the game.

I have to give it up to my pick to win this season, Turbo. This guy has not caused any drama in the house but seems to kill it in the challenges. He and his partner Nany got the job done with a great time.

The top three teams that made up the Tribunal are:

Ninja Natalie & Paulie

Hunter & Georgia

Nany & Turbo

TJ comes out of nowhere and hits the house with a DOUBLE ELIMINATION. People, this is the week to be safe and for the Tribunal to make some huge moves.

The three teams that get selected are:

CT & Julia

Amanda & Josh

Kyle & Mattie

I do like Nani’s point about CT. The man can’t just keep skating his way to Finals. Noone chooses CT for elimination anymore because he is so lovable. Well, the time is now and CT has to step up his game.

We all know that Kyle and Paulie have beef, but this was just so dumb. Kyle is mad that he is getting called out, but what does he expect? He’s a threat in this game, and Paulie is trying to get rid of someone who could take him out later in the game. I do not see anything wrong with Paulie calling Kyle out and sending him into eliminations.

I have to admit, I don’t get this drama between Ashley and Hunter… GROW UP.

After watching the Tribunal, I would have to say that CT and his partner are safe. I mean they were a throw away vote.

The first team that gets thrown into the Killing Floor is Kyle & Mattie. The team they choose to fight against is Natalie and JP. BUT The double elimination allows Natalie and JP to pick a team and they choose CT and Julia. WOW, I have to give it up to JP for calling out CT.

Double Elimination: Ring Tossed

Guys heat and a girls heat. Each player holds on to three separate rings. The first player to gain possession of all three rings wins, meaning there can be a new team formed…..This is just nuts and to be honest, I had no clue who wins this. This is up for anyone to win.

Mattie absolutely destroyed the girl’s heat. She came out and dominated, sending Julia and Natalie home.

The guy’s heat was a war but in the end, Kyle ended up winning, sending CT and JP packing.

Shockingly Kyle and Mattie stick together as a team. They will no doubt be going after Paulie and Ninja Natalie in the future.


-Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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