Mike Felger’s Comments On Roy Halladay Yesterday Sparked Some Boston Sports Radio Insanity Today

Yesterday on 98.5 the Sports Hub, one of the top sports personalities in Boston, Michael Felger, made some insensitive remarks regarding the recent and tragic death of Roy Halladay.

Among other comments heard in the SoundCloud link above, Felger’s words spewed on the matter caused a firestorm this morning on Boston sports talk radio.

For anyone who isn’t from the area, there are two goliath’s in sports talk radio in the city. One is WEEI 93.7FM. WEEI has been around forever now and has gained immense success since its start in sports programming in ’91. And in 2009, WEEI met their in-city rival, 98.5, The Sports Hub. The two have been battling ever since and as of right now, the number one rated show, and for good reason, is Kirk and Callahan of WEEI.

I listen to Kirk and Callahan every morning. I’m a huge fan of the show and can’t get enough of it. I was tuning in and out throughout the early morning and I heard Kirk, who is a certified sociopath, say that at 9AM he was going to head over to The Sports Hub’s station, which is right around the corner in Brighton, and demand Felger be fired for his comments on Halladay. If you don’t listen to the show you probably would think that would be a joke. Nope. When you hear Kirk say he is going to do something asinine, you better believe he is going to do it.

And when I call Kirk a sociopath, don’t think I’m insulting him. Kirk would read that as a compliment. It’s my favorite thing about him. He says whatever he wants to. He does whatever he wants to and he’s been, in my opinion, the largest factor as to why Kirk and Callahan is on top of the charts.

In saying all of that, here is a clip of Kirk this morning over at The Sports Hub when he came in contact with another morning show host for a separate radio show that also takes place in that building.

And BELIEVE ME, that wasn’t nearly it. Check it out on the WEEI Facebook page for the entire video. It was insane. This “protest” had it all. Kirk carried around a sign that said “Fire Felger” across it. He took a shot at Scott Zolak’s car after Zo dropped some “F” bombs, talked about stripping naked and laying on top of the Program Director’s car and laid down in the parking lot. It was mayhem. Straight up mayhem.

Quite honestly, this might have been one of my favorite radio bits of all time. K&C runs this bit called “Battle of the Brainless” which was my favorite bit up until this. This was GOLD.

In regards to Felger’s comments, I get what he was saying, but man you need to be more tactful about it. Sure, Halladay was flying the plane recklessly, but there is a way to go about giving your opinion on the matter.

Mike Felger opened up today’s show with an apology about his comments, his “tone” and his “hysterics”.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

Featured image from WEEI.com

2 thoughts on “Mike Felger’s Comments On Roy Halladay Yesterday Sparked Some Boston Sports Radio Insanity Today

  • November 9, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Kirk < rat shit

  • November 10, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Sad this guy holding th sign refers to this as sexual harassment. I feel bad for his coworkers.


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