Should the Patriots Re-Sign Martellus Bennett?

After winning his first Super Bowl with the Patriots last season, Martellus Bennett decided to sign with the Green Bay Packers in free agency. Now, Bennett could be hitting free agency again, as he has been released by the Packers. He does have to clear waivers before he can become a free agent.

In seven games this season, Bennett has caught 24 balls for 233 yards and no touchdowns. He has been a bit of a disappointment for Packers fans, however, a lot of his slippage in production is due to the fact that Aaron Rodgers got hurt. Bret Hundley is not good, like at all, so it’s kind of hard to get the ball when your QB sucks wind. As for the lack of production this season with Rodgers under center, that stems from the fact that Green Bay never has utilized that position at a high rate. I wasn’t a fan of the fit for both sides to begin with.

The one concern I have with Bennett right now is this:

Is he injured? Or did he just force his way out of Green Bay? Both wouldn’t surprise me, but I feel like he forced his way out. With him announcing his retirement at the end of the year, he probably didn’t want to finish his last season watching passes sail over his head from Bret Hundley. Can’t say I would blame him if this were true.

If Bennett is to clear waivers and become a free agent, should the Patriots bring back the veteran tight end? Considering the production they’ve gotten from Dwayne Allen this season (zero catches), this is an obvious yes. Even with the down numbers this year, Bennett would still be a way better option than any tight end on the Patriots roster outside of Gronk. Plus he was just a fun guy to have on the team last year. Belichick, if you’re reading this (he definitely isn’t), make the call.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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