Michael Chavis Better Stay Up Because He Hits MOONBOMBS

The Red Sox are starting to play better as of late. One of the reasons could be the recent call up of one of their top prospects, Michael Chavis. Since Chavis has arrived with the big league club, the Red Sox are 5-2. Oh, and Chavis just so happens to continue to hit MOONBOMBS out of Fenway Park.

The Red Sox need to keep him up for awhile.

He’s Already Making His Name Known

Michael Chavis is already making his presence at the plate known. Although his average is low at .222, his power is evident. He has 4 hits so far in his big league career, 3 of them being for extra base hits (a double and 2 homeruns). He also happens to be putting his name into Red Sox history as well.

He Is The Solution For Second Base

Brock Holt is still on the shelf and Dustin Pedroia is pretty much done with his baseball career. Chavis is the solution to your second base issue. He looks comfortable there for a guy that has not played the position much in his baseball career. For those wondering about Eduardo Nunez, he probably is shaking in his cleats right now.

In Conclusion

He hits bombs, takes care of you defensively, and brings a spark to the lineup. What more could ask for from Chavis? Should he have more hits? Maybe. Could he strike out less? Yes, considering he has struck out 6 times out of 18 at bats. But, Chavis needs to stick around to give the Red Sox a more exciting future than they already have in the infield. Now, he just needs a nickname. That might be taken care of as we type this very article.

The Ice Horse looks like a winner. I like Mikey Moonbombs personally, but what do I know about nicknames?

Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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