Time Is Running Out For The Sox Bullpen Problems

When does this stop? When will Dombrowski finally give in and go get some bullpen help? I’m sick of watching the Red Sox starters start pitching well, only be have the bullpen come in and blow it. It is beyond frustrating!

I don’t get it. We need someone reliable. I get not paying for Kimbrel and his outrageous salary demands. At what point tho do we stop allowing for these loses to continue at the hands of the bullpen? Go try to make a trade, go try to catch lightning in a bottle by signing someone on a cheap deal. I don’t know. DO SOMETHING!

We called up Chavis finally and the kid has been absolute nails for us. Maybe another one of the minor leaguers could do the same thing. Maybe Durbin Feltman is ready. Hell people were saying Chavis wasn’t ready and now look at him.  JUST DO SOMETHING!

Start picking up the phone Dombrowski and start wheeling and dealing to get us back on track here. If we wait for the trade deadline it’ll be too late!


-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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