Miami Dolphins: Offseason Needs

This offseason is going to be very important for the Miami Dolphins. With a quarterback mystery in New England, the only team Miami is chasing is Buffalo. The Jets aren’t quite there yet and New England is rebuilding. If Miami wants to keep pace with Buffalo, they need to improve their team, and not waste their cap space or draft picks. Yes, every player they sign or draft needs to be a winner. Having a winning mindset is what Miami needs in order to make the playoffs. They were close last year, but close doesn’t count in the NFL.

Free agency

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This is who will be in charge of bringing in new talent to Miami. General Manager Chris Grier has work to do to improve this team. Miami last year improved their defense during the offseason thanks to Grier. Now, it’s time to improve the offense. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa needs receivers to throw the ball to. But not many. Plus, he has a tight end he can rely on as a security blanket. What Tua does need though is protection. There is a fantastic group of offensive linemen that are free agents. Miami should take advantage of that.

Offensive Line

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Miami loves to bring in talent they are familiar with. Brian Flores, the head coach, is very familiar with Joe Thuney since they both were in New England once upon a time. Miami has brought in former Patriots recently, and expect them to do it again. It’s unknown if Thuney will stay in New England. If not, Miami will aggressively go after him. Thuney is the best guard available in free agency. Joe Thuney for the most part kept Cam Newton on his feet last year. He’ll do the same in Miami. It’s rare that he gives up a sack.

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Miami really needs a tackle. Go get Trent Williams. He’s still got a lot left in the tank. Williams will be pricey, so Miami will have to sadly for them, pick and choose how they will want to improve their offensive line. The tackle position should a top priority on the line. Tua will be safe if Williams comes to Miami. Last year, Williams only gave up four sacks. So Tua can expect to be protected.

Wide receiver

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Miami should bring in Will Fuller. Miami would have a dynamic one-two punch with DeVante Parker and Will Fuller. Last season, Fuller had his season cut short due to suspension. However, Fuller had 53 receptions for 879 yards and eight touchdowns. Fuller was on pace for a 1,000 yard season. Fuller would build chemistry with Tua Tagovailoa quickly. An offense consisting of Tua, Parker and Fuller would be a problem for all defenses they face.

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Kenny Golladay would also fit nicely in the Miami system. He should be the backup plan for Miami if they lose out on Will Fuller. Golladay had his season cut short due to injury last year. Plus, he has said that he wants to stay in Detroit. But, with recent changes in Detroit, that might have changed his mind. If Golladay is presented a good looking deal to go to a good looking team, he’ll take it. Golladay would have more success in Miami than he would if he were to stay in Detroit.


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Miami loves to take players from within the division. Here’s someone that will be getting attention from around the league. Matt Milano. Milano is a highly underrated player that played a key role into the success of the Buffalo Bills season last year. Milano had an injury riddled season. Despite that, he still was very productive when he was on the field. He had 35 tackles, three sacks and nine quarterback hits. When the defense needs to make a stop, expect Milano to be there.

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Here’s another player that isn’t getting a lot of attention. B.J. Goodson. Goodson spent last season in Cleveland and put together a solid season. Last season was a career year for Goodson. Goodson had two interceptions, 59 tackles, two tackles for loss, and three quarterback hits. He also assisted on 32 other tackles. He’s a tackling machine. Goodson is linebacker that Miami needs, someone that can tackle anywhere on the field.

Should they make a trade?

No. With only having 27 million in cap, Miami shouldn’t make a trade and just focus on free agency and the draft. Unless the trade is for someone who would be a backup then yes. But Miami shouldn’t be trading for anyone who would be a starter for them.


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Miami needs to have another running back on the roster for when Myles Gaskin needs a break. Najee Harris is a running machine and would be the perfect backup for Gaskin. Miami has the third pick and the eighteenth pick in the first round. No, they shouldn’t take him at three. They should take him at eighteen instead. He should be on top of the Miami draft board. If Miami lands him, then Gaskin and Harris are a nightmare in the making for all defensive coordinators once Harris gets his footing in the NFL.

Final thoughts

Miami went 10-6 last year and missed the playoffs. Overall, there isn’t much they have to do make the playoffs. They should resign some of their own free agents like Elandon Roberts and Ted Karras. If Miami can retain some of their free agents and bring in some new talent that will be an instant improvement for this team. Next season, watch out for Miami, they are a team not to sleep on.

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