Max Kellerman calls the Patriots a “Dark Horse Team” to win the Super Bowl

If you can’t believe the title, I don’t blame you. For years, we as Patriots fans have had to deal with First Take Max Kellerman trashing on this team. Literally saying Tom Brady will fall off a cliff. Remember those days? Those were fun! Well now? The tables have turned! At this point in time, we have Max Kellerman saying that the Patriots are a “dark horse team” to win the Super Bowl.

This is a far cry from Kyle Van Not taking shots at Kellerman on First Take after the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII. But now that we have Kellerman giving the Patriots a compliment, here are some reasons that could maybe back up his outlandish claim.

The Tight Ends

The Patriots are a team that loves utilizing their tight ends. Think about the years with Gronk and Aaron Hernandez before all of the stuff with Hernandez went down. Now? They have Jonny Smith AND Hunter Henry in the same offense. Smith is a great blocker, pass catcher, and open field runner. Henry is very similar in the blocking aspect and pass catching aspect as well. These two are going to create a lot of opportunities for Cam Newton. Don’t forget, Cam flourished in the Carolina offense when he had Greg Olsen in his prime. The tight end productivity will be outstanding compared to the lack thereof in 2020.

The Improved QB

I was a huge Cam Newton hater. Hand up, I admit it; that was on me. Now? I’m good with Cam being QB1. Cam seems to have a better feel for the offense and things can only go up in year two. He has the weapons around him now, with the tight ends and some new receivers in Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor. If for some reason Cam isn’t producing, you have Mac Jones waiting and seeming to pick up the offense quickly as well. Either way, you should improve in the QB department for this 2021 season.

The O-Line

This offensive line could be one of the best units in all of football. Think about it if this line stays healthy. Isaiah Wynn, Michael Onwenu, David Andrews, Shaq Mason, Trent Brown. That’s a lethal offensive line to play behind. Imagine the amount of holes that can be created by this o-line? Add the tight ends blocking as well? That should make your running game even better than last year. It should also give your QB more time in the pocket as opposed to 2020.

The Defense

The defense has looked very strong in training camp thus far. You have some key opt outs from 2020 back in the fold for 2021 such as Dont’a Hightower. Kyle Van Noy was brought back into the fold. Raekwon McMillan is making a name for himself in camp. They’ve added other pieces in Matthew Judon and Jalen Mills and others. This defense has the potential to be scary good in 2021.

In Conclusion

It’s nice to hear Max Kellerman have a positive Patriots take for once. He could be on to something here with the Patriots. Save this audio of Kellerman, because he’ll look like a GENIUS if the Patriots do what they have to do. Get me to the regular season already!

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–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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