Kyle Van Noy on First Take Yesterday was Perfect Taking Shots At Max Kellerman

Getting revenge on somebody who continuously talked smack about you is probably one of the best feelings ever. I wondered if anybody would defend Patriots Nation after the Pats took home their 6th Super Bowl title on Sunday, despite many critics not thinking they would do so.

Well Patriots fans, Kyle Van Noy got to do that yesterday, while representing all of Patriots Nation in front of a worldwide audience.

Kyle Van Noy and Sony Michel were both on the popular ESPN show, “First Take”, yesterday and they took the time to give it to Max Kellerman a little bit.

What’s the Big Deal About Max Kellerman?

Max Kellerman is very outspoken about his sports opinions. Don’t get me wrong, Kellerman is a very smart man and very polished when he does indeed talk. But, he is probably the most outspoken about the Patriots and how he thought they were on the decline. How did Patriots nation take that? Well…

Does that answer it for you? The Patriots used it as fuel and then proudly had all of the Max Kellerman material ready to be displayed during the parade on Tuesday. But, Kellerman seemed to be a very good sport in all of this.

What Actually Happened Yesterday?

On the “First Take” episode yesterday, Kellerman got the chance to talk to Van Noy and Michel about what it’s like to play with Brady with his “wet, noodle arm”.

The bottom line of the whole segment is that Van Noy did most of the trash talking and it was GLORIOUS! Kellerman really had nothing to say in rebutal to Van Noy’s points and the frustration was showing.

In Conclusion

I wish I could have been in Kyle Van Noy’s shoes yesterday. He won his second Super Bowl Sunday, got to experience another Super Bowl parade on Tuesday, and got to basically roast Max Kellerman on his own show on Thursday. Kyle Van Noy has had a heck of a week.

What do you have to say now Max Kellerman?!

This should say it all.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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