BREAKING: Red Sox Officially Announce Alex Cora As Their Next Manager

And there it is. Some of the least shocking news of the past week. The Red Sox made it official today, while we all already knew it was going to happen, that Alex Cora was going to become the next manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Beginning next season Cora will be the man in charge up in Boston and will be on full clean up duty of that clubhouse.

Obviously a big, glaring, fungus of an issue this past season was leadership and I am hopeful that Cora can provide some of that. The biggest issue is that there was no voice to shut down toxic situations such as the David Price vs Eck incident.

Honestly, if there was a manager with a set in there, that would not have blown up the way that it did. I don’t care how fragile Price clearly is, okay? You need to bring him into your office that next day and ask him “What the hell are you doing?”.

Now the next step is going to see who Cora will bring in around him as his coaching staff. I can’t imagine that he sticks with Chili David and Carl Willis. After this previous season’s debacle I’d assume that we have a whole new staff showing up in Spring Training.

And going off of that, man would I love to see Varitek suiting up and becoming the bench coach or the bullpen coach. Clearly the angst to get him into coaching from Boston fans has been loud for a couple of years. But my favorite part of that is, when has he ever said that he wants to become a coach or a manager? That’s just all of the maniacs in town who would love to see it.

Cora’s deal is worth three years with a fourth year option. This obviously stems off of the firing of John Farrell earlier this month after his reputation wilted even more than it did in the previous season.

I think this is the absolute right move for the Boston Red Sox and they are now on their way to building a big, bad team for 2018. And like I said on the podcast, I think Giancarlo Stanton coming to the Red Sox is an absolute no brainer and it makes just way to much sense. Now we just need to see what it’s going to take.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)


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