Couch Guy Sports Podcast ep. 69: The Boston Massacre 2.0

Loose Change Podcast episode 69. And guess what? Do you smell that? Football season is almost here, baby!

Just Nick and Jared alongside Producer Pat. HOPEFULLY a guest next week.

Jared and Nick break down the Patriots Training Camp so far. The signing of Eric Decker… Good for the Patriots?

This new NFL helmet/tackling rule reaction. How much will this affect the league and its players? Are they going to be able to adjust quickly? Or will the NFL have to retract the rule?

And finally, the Red Sox SMOKE the Yankees at Fenway and sweep them in a 4-game series. So what’s that mean? This team… They’re actually, dare I say, good? Reaction to the entire series as the Sox jumped to a 9.5 game lead.

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