Netflix Review: Shooter Season 1

After scrolling through a recommended list of movies, TV shows, Netflix originals that suit me. I came across “Shooter” thinking it was another one of these classic shooter movies with subpar action in it. After watching it, Netflix’s show, “Shooter” is one for the ages. Every episode is jam packed with expert sniper skills by the main protagonist Bob Lee Swagger, a former marine sniper from Afghanistan who was framed for the murder of the Ukrainian President. If you are a fan of expert marksmanship, snipers, war, government conspiracy, CIA, FBI, and Russian intervention this is the show for you. I literally binged 10 40 minute episodes in 3 days because I loved every second of the heart wrenching moments Bob Lee has with either his family or his enemies. He spends every waking moment of the entirety of the season making sure he gets his name cleared from the murder and that his family remains unharmed. And “oh boy” was it great to watch. I will be definitely watching the second season as it is already on Netflix within the week or so to see what comes next for Bob Lee.

Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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