Lookout Boston, Here Comes… The New England Revolution?

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“This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, but a whimper.”

For more than twenty years, the New England Revolution have struggled to obtain a foothold in the Boston Sports scene. The Revolution are an afterthought when talking Boston Sports, but most Revolution fans will argue that only one thing changes this fact: a home to call their own.

Once we build a soccer-specific stadium in the city we will be relevant in Boston sports’ you will hear them say. Therefore Revolution fans sit awake at night scrolling through twitter feeds and Reddit threads wishing and longing for any sort of gossip or news at all that would point to owner Robert Kraft (Kraft Sports Group) creating such a magical place. A stadium that will forever change the landscape of Boston Sports.

When they finally fall asleep they dream of waking up to breaking news alerts on cell phones and televisions alike announcing the production of a soccer utopia, thus shifting the soccer capital of the Western Hemisphere to Boston! How comical would it be that after all the years of anticipation, the long-suffering Revolution fan learns about a home being constructed for them through the loose lips of a billionaire not named Kraft:

The man uttering possibly the greatest words in your sad soccer degenerate life in this video is Jorge Mas, a major player in David Beckham’s plans to bring an MLS expansion team to the city of Miami.

In the full press conference, Mas talks up plans for a beautiful soccer park which brings economic and cultural goodness to all in the city of Miami.

This is all well and good, but the biggest news to come out of this press conference by far was what nobody in American soccer communities could have predicted: The New England Revolution are “all in” and have plans to build a soccer-specific stadium in the city of Boston, and near “the Garden” of all places!

Now what garden Jorge Mas is referring to is a mystery to most locals, who know there is not much room for growth in the area of TD Garden (or any area for that matter) of Boston.

Jorge Mas says this so confidently and casually that anyone hearing the words cannot help but take them to be the truth; unless you are a Revolution supporter, in which case you would have to see shovels hitting the dirt.

Feel the stigmata on His hand; the hole in His side to believe. Why should this feel any different than the dozens of times Revolution fans have gotten their hopes up for a stadium to be built?

It shouldn’t. Protect your heart, don’t believe that this is it. Stay guarded.

Ah fuck it. I’m in. Stay tuned for an article about me getting my hopes and dreams crushed.

-Neil Caswell (@HowNeilFeels)

2 thoughts on “Lookout Boston, Here Comes… The New England Revolution?

  • July 17, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    My only question is where near TD Garden? Will it be Paul Revere Park and putting it there or going over to North Point Park and putting it there? Still tons of questions.

    • July 17, 2018 at 3:41 pm

      My best guess is they have some kind of plans for a stadium up that way in Boston, and that the new stadium if it is in Boston will not have much for parking because they’re expecting public transportation to take the lead.


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