Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Went Exactly How You Thought It Would

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather went exactly how you thought it would. June 6th was a date some people had circled on their calandar. Somehow, someway, Logan Paul went from fighting Youtuber KSI to fighting the greatest boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. We may never know how this even came into fruition, but, it’s now a thing of the past. Last night in Miami Florida, the fight happened. A fight that went from no hype to a lot of hype actually went off with no issues for the most part.

Was it worth buying the PPV?

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Live blog, results

The price to watch this event was $49.99. Was this fight worth the price? No, not even close. Watching a Youtuber fight a professional boxer went exactly how you think it went. Even with the rules that stated that there would be no official winner or loser, or even judges, most people who walked away from this fight had a clear idea who would have won just based off of stats alone.

Stats don’t lie

Michael Benson on Twitter: "Final punch stats for Floyd Mayweather vs Logan  Paul.… "

Unsurprisingly, Mayweather produced better stats. At age 44, Floyd Mayweather wore down Logan Paul who is 26. The stats don’t lie, this fight was just another day at the office for Floyd Mayweather. Paul was tired, constantly grabbing Floyd just to catch his breath as fast as possible. It seriously looked like a hug fest out there.

Props to Logan

Mayweather vs Paul LIVE: Fight results, latest updates, highlights and  reaction | The Independent

For those who did watch this event, you do have to give some props to Logan here. He did not back down from this challenge of fighting Floyd Mayweather. Paul went the distance and lasted all eight rounds (yes it seemed like Floyd let him). Despite being exhausted, Logan Paul did not stop and gave this everything he had. Plus, at times early on, Paul did look good in this fight. It wasn’t much, but he did show flashes.

Reactions to the fight

This last reaction is the best to describe how everyone felt. It was obvious Floyd was there to make a quick 2 million (and more).

Final thoughts

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather went exactly how you thought it would. To those who bought the fight, hope you got your money’s worth. Seriously this fight was boring. It was more than obvious it was all about money in the end. But, for boxing fans it was nice to see Floyd Mayweather Jr in the ring again. Is this it for him? Who knows but for now, let’s all just thank God that we can finally move past this.

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