With the Red Sox playing the Yankees this weekend… I give you my top 5 Yankees vs. Red Sox moments

#5 Yankees vs. Red Sox Moments: The Dive

At the 5 spot I have the July 1st, 2004 play when Derek Jeter dove into the 3rd base stands head first on a Trot Nixon pop fly in an extra inning game. Jeter epitomizes the heart and soul of this team being the captain and making this an insane play. What’s more iconic than Jeter, an all-time great, making a spectacular play for us fans. What Yankee for doesn’t remember him coming up from the stands, bloody chin with the ball in his hand after making a spectacular play. The Yankees then rallied in the 13th inning after Manny Ramirez hit a homerun to take the lead in the top 13. Only to see the Yankees come back and in a walk off fashion. A play and a win that will be remembered in Yankees history. 

#4 Yankees vs. Red Sox Moment: The A-Rod/Varitek Fight

Jason Varitek vs A-Rod fight is a moment and play that both Yankees fans and Soxs fans will never forget. The year was 2004, and the rivalry has never been more wild and intense for both teams. A-rod was chatting and walking with Bronson Arroyo towards first base when Varitek followed him up the line and shoved him. That then turned into an exchange of full mouth punches from both players which led to a benches clearing brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox. 

#3 Yankees vs. Red Sox Moment: “The Bloody Sock” Game

October 24th, 2004 playoff baseball game 6, the Red Soxs needed a win to stay in the series. We saw one of the better and most gusty pitching performances in playoff history. Curt Schilling pitched a game 6 win and we all remember the bloody sock. Not a moment that I like to remember, but one where you remember how good he was pitching hurt. The zooming in on his bloody sock became an iconic memory for Red Sox fans and it all stemmed from that game. I have nothing but respect for Curt Shelling and how he pitched 7 innings and only gave up 1 run on an ankle that needed surgery.

#2 Yankees vs. Red Sox Moment: Don Zimmer vs. Pedro

At the two spot I have the October 11th 2003 wild brawls that cleared the benches between these two teams. We all remember the brawl, specifically when Pedro Martinez tossed Yankees bench coach, Don Zimmer, to the ground. An awful and dirty play by Martinez that showed all the emotions and tension this rivalry had. Both Yankees and Sox fans remember that brawl and have the image of Pedro tossing Don Zimmer to the ground ingrained in the memory forever. 

#1 Yankees vs. Red Sox Moment: Aaron Boone Walk-off Game 7 2003 ALCS

At number 1 I have the play from ALCS game 7 when Aaron Boone hit a walk off home run to send the Yankees to the World Series. At the bottom of the 11th inning, the deadly knuckleball pitcher, Tim Wakefield, was on the mound. In comes Boone, who takes the first pitch and lanches the ball down the left field foul pole for a walkoff homerun. I remember rejoicing when I saw that the ball stayed fair as the stadium erupted and Boone took us to the World Series while the Red Soxs got sent home.

Final thoughts: This rivalry is always good and the games are always intense and entertaining. We need this rivalry to get back to where it was from 2003-2006 where you can just feel the hate these teams had for each other. With every pitch, win, play, and fight you could feel the tension. Let’s turn back the clock to the most entertaining rivalry between two of the best MLB teams of all time. 

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