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LiAngelo Ball and his Teammates Thanked President Trump Today

Well, this saga was short lived. After it was announced that the UCLA players who stole from a store in China would have to remain there for a few weeks while the legal process took place, they have finally returned to the US.

This of course happening not too long after good ole Donny Trump came flying in to save the day. While in China last week, Trump reportedly spoke with Chinese officials about the situation, asking that the players be released immediately.

Trump also requested that LiAngelo Ball, who is at the center of attention in this scandal, and his teammates thank him for his efforts in getting their release:

He got just that:

You can clearly tell by Ball’s tone that this apology was forced. He probably wanted no part of that statement, but he had to make it. I highly doubt Trump himself did much of anything to make sure these kids got back to the states, but he would have thrown a fit if they didn’t show him some sort of gratitude. We all know it. He probably would’ve gone on one of his famous Twitter tirades, bashing UCLA, the Ball family, and anything else under the sun.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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