College Football Week 12: Everything You Need to Know

Here we go baby! College football is getting into the prime time part of the season. Its mid November and every team is greased up and ready to play every Saturday. There have been some flukes and there have been some beasts. Today were going to take a look at a bunch of different things going on in college football so make sure to pay attention.

The New Top Four


With Georgia and Notre Dame losing the top four has a much different look this week. Georgia took a big fat L at Auburn last week and I’m not sure if they can bounce back from that. Meanwhile I knew Notre Dame wasn’t a legit playoff team. They did not play well at all against Miami. Now in terms of if the committee got the rankings right this week, hell no. In my eyes they got a bunch of things wrong. First off I am a big fan of the undefeated team. Its not easy whatsoever to win every week and thats what Miami has done. They’ve won some close ones and they have had some blowouts. Now after last week when they murdered Notre Dame, I think they definitely deserve the number two team in the country. Next up I think Oklahoma got screwed as well. They should really be the number three team in the country. They have a much better schedule then Clemson. Clemson really hasn’t been challenged except their one random loss to Syracuse. Now the one thing to keep your eyes on with these rankings is the potential ACC Championship game of Clemson Vs Miami. That is going to be a great freaking game. Especially if both teams win out until then. I can not wait for that game. Oh and one more thing. Screw you Alabama.

The Heisman Race


Baker Mayfield! My guy! The dude I predicted to win the Heisman is running away with it. This guy is a complete stud. Last week against number six TCU the dude thew for 333yds and 3tds. On the season he has thrown for 3,559yds 31tds and 5ints. The reason I think he really deserves to win the Heisman is because the guy shows up in the big games and thats what a Heisman winner is suppose to do. Now luckily, he won’t have to worry about his performance in bowl games because the Heisman is decided before that. If he can keep playing well to close out the regular season, I think he will be a shoe in to win the Heisman. Now his only real threat to the Heisman race is running back Bryce Love out of Stanford. This guy is dominating this year. He has ran for 1,622yds and 15tds. Those are HUGE numbers. The only way I see Love winning the Hesiman is if Mayfield just tanks over the next couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong Bryce Love is playing great but overall Stanford stinks.

Games to Watch this Week


#24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin 12:00pm FOX

This is literally the only big game to watch this week. And by big I mean absolutely the biggest game of the week. Let me tell you why. First off Wisconsin is undefeated and they are in the same spot as Miami was last week. They’ve played well but they haven’t played another solid ranked team. If Wisconsin gets the win, the playoff committee is going to be in a tough spot. Now the more intriguing part of this matchup is if Michigan wins. The BIG 10 East division could be in a four way tie for first AND Michigan has Ohio State at home next week. So I’m sure Ohio State and Penn State will be rooting for Wisconsin this week. As for me I’m not sure who to pick to win. Wisconsin has looked great but they haven’t been tested. So in that case I am going to pick Michigan and I’ll tell you why. I am picking Michigan because the greatest QB of all time went there. TOM FREAKING BRADY. GO BIG BLUE Michigan 30 Wisconsin 27

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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