Let’s See How Dallas Braden is Reacting to Not Having Baseball, Shall We?

The MLB was supposed to be set to start the season in a few weeks. However, because of Coronavirus, the beginning of the season will be delayed.

One man who lives, breathes, and eats baseball is former Major League pitcher Dallas Braden. Braden now spends his days commentating on Oakland A’s baseball games. He also is the co-host of Barstool Sports baseball podcast, Starting 9, with Jared Carrabis. Naturally with baseball out of the picture, Dallas would be very upset. How’s he handling everything? Let’s dig deeper.

He’s Starting to Stream MLB The Show

This part is actually pretty cool. I can tell you from personal experience, Dallas Braden is an ELECTRIC content factory by himself. He needs baseball in his life as badly as ever. So why not play a little bit of “The Show” and get your fill? I’d HIGHLY suggest staying tuned with this because it’s about to be something special.

He’s Doing “Flip the Switch” Tiktoks With His Wife

This is GOLD right here folks. Especially the ending! There’s this new challenge going around where couples are exchanging outfits when the lights turn on and off or a change in the song. A-Rod and J-Lo did one that went viral.

The point is that D.B. is having a good time. He’s trying to kill time doing things just like the rest of us. The only difference is, we can’t help but laugh with Braden for his comedic videos.

In Conclusion

Dallas Braden seems to be doing okay for now. He’ll continue to entertain us until sports makes its inevitable return. Let me tell you all something, Dallas Braden will give you the entertainment you need to help you through this tough time. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself in our interview with him.

Dallas was awesome. He was authentic, funny, and extremely honest with us. I think we’re all in agreement that Dallas Braden will be just fine in these trying times. In Dallas, we trust!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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