Let’s Check In On Hitting Wizard Chris Davis-

………….And he still has as many hits as you and me.

Chris Davis is on the coldest streak in MLB history. That’s not hyperbole, he literally has the longest hitless streak in the history of the league. He currently stands at ZERO hits in his last FIFTY-THREE at bats! So far in his first twenty-eight at-bats this season, 46.9% have ended in a strikeout.

A few years ago Davis was still striking out a ton. However, he was also hitting bombs. In 2012 he hit .270 with 33 home runs with 85 RBI. The next year (2013) he batted .286 with 53 home runs and 138 RBI. The dude was hitting light tower shots night in and night out.


The guy was a great player that year. He had a bit of a down year the next year but still finished with 26 home runs, but batted under .200 but had a bounce back effort the next year that rivaled his 2013 season, thus he was rewarded with a mega contract.

The Seven-year $161 Million Deal….

…..is starting to look like the worst contract in MLB history. The first two seasons of the deal were nothing to brag about. He hit under .230 in each season, but had 38 and 26 home runs, respectively. Then, things kinda spiraled out of control. In 2018 Davis batted .168 and had 16 home runs.

Then on September 14 against the White Sox, Davis hit a double. Since then he hasn’t had a single hit. Today Davis doesn’t hit dingers, he simply packs them.

You hate to see a guy struggle this bad, and a team get robbed of so much money. So even as a Sox fan, I’m rooting for you, Chris.

-Dillon Leary



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