There’s No Shot Tellez’s Ball Went 505 Ft

In the age where baseball is being ruled by saber-metrics and technology analyzing every little aspect of the game, we’re all being lied to. Last night during the Red Sox vs Blue Jays game, Rowdy Tellez hit a 2-run home run into the right field stands. The ball was very well hit and probably landed about 10 rows deep into the stands. It was definitely crushed.

The issue I have now is that StatCast said the ball went 505 feet. 505! Technically that would be the furthest ball ever hit in Fenway history. On paper and when you first hear it you would think this ball landed in the Samuel Adams deck. Yea I hate that too it’s still the Budweiser deck if you ask me. Anyway, back to the point, this ball was nowhere near landing there.

Right Field bullpen is 380 feet away from home plate, this ball landed 10-12 rows deep. Now i’m not mathematician or anything but 10-12 rows deep at Fenway is no where close to another 125 feet away from the fence. People need to stop with this.

Here is the video, you guys be the judge:


Even if you listen to THE BLUE JAYS ANNOUNCERS one of them even says “does it have enough.” I don’t know about you but I have never heard someone question if a supposedly 505 foot home run “has enough”. There’s no way it was anywhere near 500 feet, never mind over 500 feet. Sorry Rowdy, it was a well hit ball, but not a 500 foot shot that StatCast is claiming it was.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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