Gordon Hayward Crashes Charlestown Basketball Zoom Meeting

With the way the world is right now, a lot of people have had to conduct meetings online. One popular app for video conferencing is Zoom. Zoom has been unbelievable in this time. Couch Guy Sports has used it and it has been a success. Charlestown High School was having a zoom meeting and the kids thought it would be an ordinary meeting. It was anything BUT ordinary when a special guest dropped into the call. That guest? Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward.

The Actual Meeting

You can see a little bit of the video by clicking on the link above. It’s also in the picture, but the kids were obviously very excited. The funny part is when Hayward initially answers and it takes the kids a few seconds to realize what’s going on. The kids finally understood it and went crazy obviously. Hayward allowed for the kids to ask any questions they wanted. Some included how he approaches the game, his mental state during his leg injury in his first Celtics season, and much more. This is quite the treat for any basketball team. Charlestown High basketball players won’t be forgetting this Zoom meeting anytime soon.

My Interaction with Hayward

I was fortunate enough to run into Hayward in person last October. You know, when we could go to places! I was at the Encore Casino in Everett, MA with my girlfriend Courtney, a few of her friends, and one of my best friends Evan. We heard the Celtics were at Encore for an event, so we went on a hunt. Sure enough, we found Hayward and got a picture with him along with a brief talk. Hayward was very soft-spoken and humble, but a great guy nonetheless. He’s a guy that seems to care about the community and Celtics fanbase. I can only say good things about Hayward the person.

In Conclusion

This was a really cool opportunity for these kids. They get to learn and pick the brain of an NBA All-star. Not to mention, he’s on the team that they can drive a few minutes to go see. Say whatever you want about Gordon Hayward the basketball player. But off the court, Hayward is as genuine as they come.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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