Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 130

We’re back with the Legends Lingo podcast, episode 130! A lot of fun topics this week that we discussed. No Powder in this one. We still have Matty Kiwoom and I battling it out back and forth with hard hitting takes. Programming note: Powder will not be around the next few weeks as he’s traveling for his job. Bring home a ‘ship Powder! But while all of that is happening, here’s our episode from last week if you need to get caught up!

Topics This Week on Episode 130 of Legends Lingo

We start off with the Red Sox. They continue to be a first place team. The best part? Chris Sale is scheduled to come back very soon. He dominated in his recent start with AA Portland. We talk about when he realistically will be back along with some trade deadline deals we’d love to see happen.

Next, Danny Ainge. Yeah, he’s back in the news. Supposedly this time, he wants to still work in some sort of role in the NBA. We discuss why this is important, which teams would be a good fit for Ainge, and was Ainge leaving really a firing in disguise?

Finally, a little bit of Patriots talk with camp around the corner. Phil Perry may have mentioned a particular point in time for Mac Jones to maybe get into game action in 2021. When do we think Mac should get a shot? Should he get a shot at all? The boys debate it toward the end of the this episode.

Where Can You Find Episode 130 of Legends Lingo?

You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and the CGS Youtube page. We’re very easy to find. Just google search us at this point!


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Legends Lingo podcast, episode 130!

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