Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 118: NFL Draft Special! Feat. CGS Own Matt Burnett

It’s episode 118 of the Legends Lingo podcast and like every other podcast in the country this week, we talked about the NFL Draft in detail. It makes sense with everything going on. The Patriots had a lot of questions coming into the draft and we address them all this episode.

Guest This Week

Our guest this week was our very own Mock Draft “Expert” Matt Burnett. Matty B does just about everything on this website possible. He writes a few times a week. There’s also his podcast, “Burnie and Chris”, which you should all check out. We knew that Matty had been working his tail off to make sure that mock draft coverage was on the whole site. So we figured this would be the episode to have him join us three.

Topics This Week

The first part of our NFL Draft coverage included a rumor that the Falcons were looking at trades for Pro-Bowl receiver Julio Jones. We have a discussion of what it would cost to lure Jones to New England, the risks that come with it, and do we even want Julio coming to New England?

After that, we talk about hypotheticals. The Patriots were supposedly looking to move up the draft board at the time of this podcast recording. What could they do and who would it effect? We have a quick discussion about those hypotheticals.

Finally, we all talk about what we wanted before the draft even began: Justin Fields as a New England Patriot! It was very clear we wanted Fields, so we just talked about how great it would be to make it happen!

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and the CGS Youtube page. We’re very easy to find. Just google search us at this point!


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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the 2021 NFL Draft coverage episode of Legends Lingo!

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