LaVar Ball Spat Nonsense on CNN and it was Phenomenal

LaVar Ball’s CNN debut was everything we could have expected it to be, absolutely ridiculous. He had Chris “Chrome-o” Cuomo in the palm of his hand, and I think they might be best friends now. He went from grilling him the entire time to giving him nicknames and wishing him a happy Thanksgiving. LaVar is an absolute trip. I think these pictures describe how the interview went:

LaVar did make one thing very clear though, and that’s the fact that he refuses to thank Donald Trump for his efforts in releasing his son from China. He believes that because Trump didn’t personally take the kids back to the US in Air Force One, he doesn’t deserve to be thanked. He also believes that Trump has bigger things to worry about than a thank you. Both are valid, but LaVar made no sense for 99% of the interview, which is why this was so comical. Just watch this back and forth:


Absolutely ridiculous. I need Trump’s response to this more than I need oxygen.

And speaking of Donnie boy, LaVar has a message for ya:

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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