Chance The Rapper’s Hockey Reporter Skit Was The Best SNL Skit In A While

I’ve blasted them on Twitter a couple of times now this year. Listen, SNL is unbearable at this point. All the show is now is politics. It stinks. And it’s probably just some pure hatred I have for the show after they’ve taken multiple shots at Boston for being a “racist city” over the past year or so without anything to back it up.

You can’t escape politics today. Even in sports. I used to just love laying back, ripping open a box of Cheeze Its, and watching the Patriots pants another team. Now I need to create my opinion on a political matter while watching football and seeing a bunch of Twitter outrage.

It’s honestly also a bit on Michael Che for me too.

Michael Che

Genuinely one of the most unfunny guys on TV. And that’s a fact. His demeanor is awkward. None of the lines he says make me laugh. And if I said any of this to him he’d probably accuse me of being a racist because I’m from MA & I think he stinks at comedy.

BUT regardless, Chance The Rapper is one of the most likeable celebrities out there right now. I’m not big into the rap game but I love this guy only based on the fact that he is a self made artist who made it to the top without any help from a record label. That’s incredible to me.

And come on. This was gold from start to finish. The name thing is so dead on accurate too. You could see a name like “HIJKCELME”, and it’ll be pronounced “Hyman”. Hockey is such a niche sport that if you’re not invested into it enough to learn every aspect, you’re trying to learn mandarin.

Laugh out loud funny. Chance the Rapper. Good at music and comedy. Michael Che. Bad at comedy.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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