Kyrie Irving Isn’t Going Anywhere

Keep on singing to me, Kyrie.

Sweet, sweet bliss. During Celtics media day earlier this afternoon, Kyrie Irving spoke about his future with Boston. This is something many fans have recently felt eerie about, as Irving could become an unrestricted free-agent next Summer.

My stance on Irving’s future remains the same; I just can’t picture a scenario where he winds up leaving the Celtics. Why would he abandon what he has in Boston? There were moments today where he spoke about the level of comfortability he has finally attained since arriving last Summer, as well as how happy he actually is now. Why would he sacrifice all of that just to play with Jimmy Butler, which are rumors I wouldn’t pay any mind to (mainly because that guy is a tool). Why go through another big move right when you’re finally comfortable? That part of these rumors has never made sense to me, along with how it would affect his career. If he were to leave Boston right now, he’s closing his window in terms of getting to another championship. There isn’t a single team that he’s been linked to that can elevate his success the way that the Celtics can right now. Boston is the best place for him, and I’m glad he re-assured Celtics fans of that earlier today. Hopefully, he’s a man of his word.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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