Drew Brees is the Most Underrated NFL Player EVER!!

Eleven time Pro Bowler, All-Pro first team, Super Bowl champion, multiple Offense Player of the Year awards. And still playing well in the season that he turns 40. Looking at these accolades, you’d think I was talking about Tom Brady. But in fact, I’m talking about Drew Brees. Brees has been one of the most consistent players in NFL history and yet never seems to get any love. He’s been the victim of playing for a mediocre team for most of his career. With the exception of a few seasons, the Saints have always floated around .500. And it’s not because of Brees. It’s because of an awful defense.

Yesterday, Brees set the record for most career completions, passing Brett Favre’s mark of 6300. And Brees is in position to set every relevant career passing record. Brees is 3rd all time on the career passing yards list. He trails Favre by 315 yards and Manning by 417 yards. He can pass that mark next week and definitely should by week 5. He trails Favre in touchdowns by 12 and Manning by 43. He’ll move into second this year and should pass Manning next year. And these amazing records aren’t just the result of longevity. Brees has also been remarkably consistent. His career passer rating is fourth all time (and could end up being third). He also is the all time leader in career passing yards per game and career completion percentage. And, he doesn’t just put up a lot of above average seasons. Brees has put up a lot of incredible seasons. He’s thrown for 5000 yards five times in his career and has thrown for at least 4000 yards for 12 straight seasons.

The incredible thing that no one mentions about Drew Brees is that he shows no signs of slowing down. Last year at age 38, he threw for 4334 yards, 23 TDs, 8 ints, and a 70% completion percentage. And this was all while leading his team to an 11-5 record (But of course his defense let him down in the divisional round). This season through three games, Brees has thrown for 1078 yards, 8 TDs, 0 ints, and an 80% completion percentage. He’s even rushed for 2 TDs this year, including the game winner in OT this past week. Drew Brees is going to hold every relevant passing record. He’s not just going to break records. He’s going to shatter them. And yet, we never even consider him in the conversation as the greatest QB ever. In terms of truly underrated talents, Drew Brees certainly tops the list.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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