Kawhi Takes Big Step Towards Deciding His Team Next Year

The 2019 NBA Finals MVP had a chance to opt-in to his 2019-2020 contract with the Raptors. Alas, Kawhi has declined his player option, wisely I might add. You see, opting in would have “only” paid him $21.3 million next season.

Everyone and their mother knows that The Klaw is gonna make much more than that.

While this may feel like a blow to Raptors fans, there should be reason for optimism.



Could Kawhi really end up back in The North? Financially, it makes sense.

Toronto can give him a 5-year, $189.7 million contract. Everyone else in the NBA? Well, at best, they can offer 4-years $140.6 million. I’m no mathematician but that means Toronto can give him more money AND that vaunted fifth year.

Only time will tell if Kawhi remains in Toronto or bolts for a destination like the Clippers.

-Dillon Leary

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