Kareem Hunt is Back in the NFL

The Cleveland Browns made a very questionable move today.

NFL owners continue to prove that they don’t put much stock into players having a domestic violence history. Talent triumphs anything in this league, and it isn’t okay.

Ray Rice was blackballed by NFL owners after he was cut following the public release of his video. Hunt may be younger, but that isn’t a good excuse here. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any excuse that cuts it for me when it comes to domestic violence. I said it when the video leaked and I’ll stand by it, Kareem Hunt shouldn’t be in the NFL. I don’t want to hear that he “didn’t even kick her that hard,” which has been one of the many defenses in Hunt’s favor. He still did it. That alone would be enough for me to not even look his way if I was an NFL owner. You can win games without signing guys like this to your roster. It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp.

Expanding on this a bit, Hunt’s signing speaks VOLUMES to Colin Kaepernick’s case against the NFL and its owners. The fact that he isn’t on an NFL roster because he took a knee, but Kareem Hunt is after kicking a woman, is disgusting. The way this league manages its players really makes me sick. Hunt will get the same suspension for his first domestic violence incident as someone who decides to light up a blunt. The NFL really needs to get its shit together.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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