The Celtics NEED to Sign Enes Kanter

Being a Celtics fan, it is easy to observe that the Celtics are crucified after every loss they suffer. Most recently, Boston has taken two rough losses to the teams from LA. The loss to the Clippers was the worst Celtics loss that I have ever witnessed. Blowing a 28-point lead to a team that is attempting to tank for a high draft pick is nothing to overlook. The Celtics lack energy and the will to win. With as talented as the roster is, this should not be the case. They need someone to boost them in the right direction and I know just the man; Enes Kanter. The Celtics NEED to sign Enes Kanter.

Why Enes Kanter?

Boston signing Enes Kanter benefits the team in quite a few ways. First of all, the energy and fire he provides is the exact issue with the current roster. This season we’ve seen him jawing with Giannis Antetokounmpo and numerous other players. I believe only the Marcus’ currently possess that fire and the entire team needs to be able to attain it. Maybe Kanter is the key to unlocking that within each player. Also, the dude is a real good NBA center. In 25 minutes per game this season, he’s averaging 14 points and 10.5 rebounds. The C’s desperately need some rebounding and physical paint presence. Kanter provides just that.

His Role

Kanter is a player that would more than likely come off of the bench for Boston. His inability to hit threes makes it hard for me to believe he could start. However, a starting lineup with him next to Al Horford would be incredibly petrifying for the opposing offenses. This season he is averaging 25 minutes a game and I believe his role would stay within that range. Aron Baynes is currently nursing an injured foot that seems to be nagging him worse than expected. If his injury continues to be this way, the team will need a good rebounding big. Enes Kanter is the man the Celtics need.

-Brandon Black

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