Julio Jones Sweepstakes: Who’s Out Already?

The Julio Jones sweepstakes are officially on! He wants out of Atlanta. Yesterday on the horrific Fox Sports 1 Show “Undisputed” hosted by Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless Julio Jones was tricked into saying he wanted out of Atlanta. Yes, he admitted to it live on air without knowing he was on air. That lead to critisim from just about everyone and even some agents saying that they don’t allow their clients to appear on that show. But, that’s a conversation for another day. The big story is that Jones won’t be a Falcon next season. So, what happens next?


Just about everone in the NFL took to Twitter to tell Julio to join their team. Technically it’s not all up to Julio. Atlanta will have to trade him, which they will. It’s just a matter of where. But, teams who even don’t stand a chance in getting Jones will try to trade for him. So, who are the teams that are wasting their time when they don’t stand a chance in acquiring one the best wide receivers in the NFL?

The entire NFC East is out already!

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All four of these teams shouldn’t even think about Julio Jones. Yes, Darius Slay of the Philadelphia Eagles tweeted out that he wants Julio, but that won’t happen. Why? Julio wants to win. Winning doesn’t exist in the NFC East. Yes, the Eagles had that Cinderella run a few years ago, but since then, there’s been just about nothing good coming out of the NFC East.

The Kansas City Chiefs are out!

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No. This is not happening. It could if Kansas City didn’t give Patrick Mahomes a contract extension worth half a billion dollars. Jones is due $38.3 million over the next three years. The Mahomes contract will take effect during those three years along with Travis Kelce’s and Tyreek Hill’s. Plus, they will have to think about re-signing Clyde Edwards-Helaire if he pans out to be the running back Kansas City expects him to be. So for financial reasons, Kansas City is out of the Julio Jones sweepstakes.

The ENTIRE state of Florida is out!

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Tampa Bay are division rivals with the Atlanta Falcons. Plus, the last thing anyone needs is Julio Jones to join an offense that has Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski. I’m sure the front offices in Tampa didn’t even think about making a move. Jacksonville is rebuilding around rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence. They’re not winning anytime soon. As for Miami, they just drafted Jaylen Waddle to go along with DeVante Parker. Yes they have an exciting young offense, but with Tua entering year two, it’s unknown how he will play.

The Chicago Bears are out!

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To make this as painless as possible for Bears fans, there’s just too many unanswered questions surrounding the organization. Why is Andy Dalton still the starter? Will Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace make it through the season? Can the Bears compete in the division if Aaron Rodgers is actually traded? Plus, the Bears have a weak wide receiving core. Julio would just be doubled or even triple teamed which he wouldn’t enjoy. Plus, Julio is in win now mode, the Bears aren’t.

Final Thoughts

Get ready for the Julio Jones sweepstakes! Julio Jones is expected to be traded after June 1st. It’s only a matter of where. Wherever he ends up, expect Julio Jones to have a monster season as he will try to prove a point to Atlanta and to everyone else that he is a top receiver in the league and that he deserves to be on a winning team.

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 


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